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At Psy Tech, we realize you've got many options for training as a coach (and building your practice). That's why we focus exclusively on customized training to help coaches and consultants along their more personal path.

Our proprietary algorithms originated from insights gleaned during more than two decades of consulting for recognized consumer brands like Whirlpool, Lipton, Kraft, Panasonic, MasterCard, and AT&T. We applied these insights to develop a rigorous test which helps identify the particular strengths and weaknesses of any coach.

We think "cookie-cutter", one-size-fits-all solutions are the reason many people fail to realize their coaching dreams. That's why all our training programs, workshops, webinars, in-person seminars, and other events focus on boosting the specific skills our test has identified you need.

Everything is designed to help move you closer to building your ideal coaching practice. More importantly, they're designed to boost confidence in your ability to achieve your coaching dream.